Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tutorial:Flower Headband

The latest fashions are showing adorable headbands that have large brightly colored flowers or bows. They are extremely cute and can pull any outfit together, but sometimes, they are more than you are willing to pay, for me at least. I got the idea from Make it and Love it blog, where she made her daughter a dress, but with a bow also. The bow isn't the same, I used my own idea and thought of this while making it. Here is how I did it:


I first cut out a 12 inch length of fabric folded over. This gives it a nice, non frayed edge for your bow. Then as the picture shows above, I hand sewed going in and out, pinning the fabric, of course : )

After sewing the entire length of the strip, I pull the excess string and it gathered together. Almost like basting. This made it curl up into a circle and becoming a flower.

Next step is to sew together both ends of the original strip. You can machine sew, but I already had my needle and thread out, so it was just easier to hand sew it.

This is optional, but I wanted my headband to have matching fabric so I cut out about 20 inches x 2 inches of fabric and wrapped it around the band using some super glue.


Add any embellishments that you might think are cute!



Nichole said...

I love your projects! and would love you to teach some of our classes! I will email you ASAP!

(wow that is tons of exclamation points... hehe)

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

This is adorable! Simple, cute, and especially awesome with those sweet earrings!

Elinda Tarra Lie said...

cute hari

tony said...

SewLovely is beautiful

Heather said...

TOOO CUTE! I am LOVGING this little piece of adorableness!