Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tutorial:Message Board

Message Boards are so fun! You can put invitations, swatches of fabric, Photographs of Loved one, Inspirational pieces of art, pretty much anything your little heart desires. A few of the design blogs I read have done this before too. So this might be a repeat project, but it's fun and easy...and no sewing involved!!

All you need to get is a cork board. Photobucket
Target had them for 7 bucks. Then you are going to want some pretty sturdy fabric, but don't assume all sturdy, thick fabric is ugly and boring. I picked something bright and colorful that actually goes completely off my color scheme. I figure its going to have things covering up, why not do something bright so you can see this poking through, Be Brave and Venture into the bright fabrics!Photobucket

Now you are going to want to get your staple gun which is only 15 bucks! And if you look at it like me, then you can reupholster your seat cushions on your dining room table, and making a headboard for your bedroom, so 15 bucks is very worth it.

You are going to staple all around the back of the frame and pulling the fabric nice and tug...this is when you get your man out to help so he use his man muscles.


And there you go! Simple as that. Put whatever you want on it!It sure is a lot of fun to have!


Dani K. said...

OH! I love those pillows you made, so simple and cute. I'll have to whip one up eventually!

Fashionography. said...

What a great idea! Love it.

Laura Elizabeth Fredlund said...

I love that pink fabric!!